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98-Colour & Send: Postcard Booklet

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Colour ➺ Detach ➺ Send these colour-your-own postcards.

Twenty (20) unique designs ranging from fun and family friendly, to sassy and irreverent, ready to colour & send to friends and family. The back of each card is printed with space for a personal message, address, and postage stamp.

Don’t want to post them (hey, you don’t have to, it’s a just a suggestion!)? Why not create your own colourful framed collection, or use them to decorate a gift box? Now’s the time to unleash your creativity!

Postcards detach from booklet and are 6” x 6”.

Designs included:
Anything is Paw-Sible
Bloody Hell
Boss Lady
Calm Your Tits
Classy But I Swear A Little
Eat A Bag of Dicks
Festive As Fuck
I Fucking Love You
I Washed Up Like This
Life’s A Beach
Llama Get My Shit Together
Love Is Love
Maybe Swearing Will Help
Merry & Bright
More Wine
Namaste In Bed
Owl You Need Is Love
Stay Magical
You’ve Got This Shit
Zero Fucks Given