Because Someone We Love is in Heaven Ornament, Christmas Ornament

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Nestled in the warm glow of twinkling Christmas lights, there can now be a gentle reminder of the loved ones lost but never forgotten. This memorial ornament takes the delicate situation of a family member in Heaven and helps those still on this Earth remember them with the peace and faith befitting the holiday season. Lovingly, and humbly, crafted using professional sublimation onto a porcelain base, you have the option to further elevate this sympathy ornament with gift wrapping, if you so desire.

The purchase of this Christmas ornament features the following details and options:

Measurements: 2.75-inch diameter

Quote: Because someone we love is in Heaven we have a little bit of Heaven in our home

Printed on: 1 side without personalization. If personalization is selected, both sides will be printed as shown in the sample photo.