Bon Voyage Décor

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  • Sheet Size:               85.5cm x 59.5cm (33.6″ x 23.4″)
  • No of Pieces:            1
  • Package Size:          31.5cm x 25cm
  • Instructions for Application Hokus Pokus new “Décor-Weave” designs will inspire you to up-cycle your old, previously loved furniture from drab to fab!                                                     Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave designs are highly detailed expressions of art which can be applied to natural wood, painted furniture or a surface of your choice. Requirements for applying a Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave:
  • 1.) a piece of furniture or project which has been completed to a smooth finish, painted or sanded natural wood
  • 2.) a Décor-weave Design
  • 3.) paint brush

    4.) brayer

    5.) water-based sealer

    6.) 400 grit sand paper

    7.) clean water

    8.) clean cloth

    9.) Iron

    Optional extra is a glass of wine

    With the iron on a COOL, DRY (NOT STEAM) setting, gently iron the back of your

    Décor-Weave design to remove initial fold lines.

    The prepared furniture piece: wipe down with a wet cloth to remove all the dust.

    It is vitally important to remove all excess dust before applying any Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave to your project.

    Sharp pieces of wood splinters or chipped paint, no matter how small, can spoil the surface and texture of your Décor-Weave project.

    All painted surfaces must be 100% dry to avoid the Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave from lifting or creating air bubbles.

    Always plan beforehand where you are going to place your Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave and cut to size, if needed.

    Applying the Décor-weave: Apply a base coat of a good quality polyurethane water-based sealer, while still wet place the Hokus Pokus Décor-Weave in the desired place, ensure all air bubbles are removed by rolling with a brayer.

    Wait about 30 min then apply a 1st coat of sealer over the Hokus Pokus

    Décor-Weave, wait until 100% dry then apply a 2nd coat and 3rd coat, ensure the surface is completely dry as per manufacturer’s instructions – don’t rush this phase. Once 100% dried and cured, gently sand the whole design with 400 grit sandpaper to a smooth texture. Clean with a wet cloth.

    The last very important step is to sit back and enjoy your masterpiece then share your project on our Hokus Pokus Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest pages.