Face Masks

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Charcoal - Detox

Activated Charcoal is one of Earth's most absorbent substances. Charcoal will help draw out excess oils, bacteria, toxins and pollutants out of your pores. Thyme has very strong anti-bacterial, cleansing, and astringent properties making it great at killing germs and preventing inflammation. This mask truly is the ultimate way to cleanse and detoxify your skin.

Green Clay - Nourish

Our Green Clay face mask is suitable for all skin types, and is gentle in it's cleansing due to the soothing fruit and vegetable extracts it contains. Detoxify your skin, while nourishing it too. This mask is great at calming, tightening, soothing and smoothing your skin. 


Pink Clay - Refresh

Are you looking to gently exfoliate your skin while drawing out toxins? This mask does that and more, while remaining incredibly gentle. This mask is extremely rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants making it the perfect choice for after sun care, or skin that has already been damaged by the sun!

Yellow Clay - Renew

Are you looking to treat your skin to a cleansing and natural face mask but have sensitive skin? Our Yellow Face Mask is the most mild and gentle one we carry, and still works wonders in detoxifying your skin. 

To Use: Pour about 1-2 tsp. of clay powder into a clean bowl. Add enough liquid (of your choice!) to the dry clay to make a thin paste. Using your finger or mask brush, apply the paste to the desired area on face or body (avoiding the eye area,) and leave on until almost dry. Remove the mask using a wet old face cloth that you do not care about, (the mask may stain your towel,) and then moisturize as normal.


After cleansing, it is recommended that you restore your skin's natural PH balance. We carry natural facial toners that are great at achieving this, in Rose and in Chamomile. You should always moisturize after doing a mask as well, and we've got you covered with our luxurious facial oils!

Be sure to check these out, especially if you are looking to re-vamp (and make natural) your skin care routine.