FMP Tough Coat

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fusion's non-yellowing water-based Tough Coat comes in 2 sheens, matte and gloss. It is perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as tabletops. Easy to apply using a sponge for a smooth application, adding extra durability and increased sheen to your painted pieces.

The matte version leaves a flat matte finish, the gloss version has a high sheen glossy look.

Non-yellowing, perfect for keeping your white paint colours purely white. Dries quickly and can be painted over to create a "Tough Coat Sandwich"

Clean up is easy with soap and warm water.

  • 500 ml covers about 75 sq.ft. (7 square meters)
  • Tough Coat can be used over Fusion Mineral Paint, and can also be coated with it.
  • Designed for interior use.
  • Do not use over medium to darker colours as it will show streaks. Should streak occur, simply apply paint over the top coat