Once Upon A Time - CCR

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24"x35", cut into 2 sheets Transform your home with Redesign's newest Decor Transfer by CeCe ReStyled, Once Upon A Time which will evoke the feelings of a light-hearted enchantment. Not too heavy on the romance and drama, but the design is so pretty, and effortless to enjoy, with classic florals in rich burgundy and cream shades! With two coordinating designs, you will love the blue scrollwork, topped with antique keys, pocket watches, a meandering chain and floral touches. Layer together, or use on different coordinating pieces.

Apply to furniture, walls, frames, clay pots, and more! Each transfer is so easy to use: simply peel off the protective backing, apply transfer to prepared surface, rub on the design with included stick (or use the Transfer Tool - sold separately), peel off the top sheet (check to make sure the whole design transferred), and burnish to remove any existing halos. Look for the best selection of Decor Transfers in the world, now in multiple sizes, only from Redesign with Prima!