98-Prana Bracelet

Prana Bracelet

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  • 4mm Jasper Stone Bracelet


This Jasper bead bracelet can help you stay centered and present. Throughout the day you will be reminded to take a moment to be present by moving a bracelet from one wrist to the other. 

Jasper is used to alleviate stress and bring about a sense of tranquility and well being.



These bracelets are the standard size for a bracelet at 7" long or 3.5" across (diameter when compressed).

The bracelet's stretchy design ensures a comfortable fit for most.


Shipping is $7 Worldwide


These bracelets are hand strung and tied, one at a time. We use a premium, thick gauge cord material which requires our bracelets to be hand strung. We produce them in small batches with care.